For the Firearm User’s Licence for Business renewal, an annual audit and inspection is carried out on all holders of the licences.

    • - Firearm Licence Cards(s)
    • - Firearm License Fee Certificate(s)
    • - Firearm(s)

  •  The full process is outlined below 

      1. - The company submits to the FLA (Compliance & Enforcement Department) one completed renewal form along with a copy of the current licence fee certificate. On the certificate, indications must be made of which firearms are stolen, in police custody and/or disposed.

      1. - Within three to five days of receiving same, the list is checked against the FLA audited inventory sheet to ensure that the firearms being renewed are the ones that were seen during the audit. Those in police custody, stolen or disposed are not renewed.

      1. - The fee is then calculated per firearm. The CEO will vet and complete the lower section of the renewal form that states ‘For Firearm Inspecting Officer Use Only’, and also each page of the attached list.  Both certificate and renewal forms are then stamped ‘approved for renewal’.

      1. - The renewal form showing the amount and list (copy) are returned to the company representative who is advised (told) to pay the required fee at the Authorized FLA cashier, and return with the original and a copy of the receipt to the CED.The receipt is examined against the FLA’s copy of the renewal documents to ensure that the correct fee has been paid.

    1. - The original renewal form, the licence certificate and the copy of the receipt are attached to a memo and dispatched to the Director of Applications & Certification Department by the administrative staff for further processing.

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