The purpose of the Firearms Act (Jamaica, 1967 and amendments) is to control all aspects pertaining to firearms and ammunition. Under the present Act, individuals are permitted to own and use firearms and ammunition but they must have the requisite licence.

The objective of the Firearms Act is to control the manufacture, sale, purchase, importation, exportation, trans-shipment, disposal, possession and use of firearms and ammunition. The Act prescribes the various regulating authorities, the definition of a firearm, by whom, how and where a firearm may be legally possessed, the various fees applicable, and the various penalties for breaches.




 Highlights from the Act


Part II – Importation, Exportation and Transshipment

Restriction on Importation, Exportation and Transshipment of Firearm and Ammunition - Section 4 Link to PDF form 

Part III – Manufacture, Sale, Purchase and Repair of Firearms and Ammunition 

Special restrictions on shortening firearms and converting imitation firearms into firearms  - Section 15  Link to PDF form

Revocation of Licences in Case of Certain Offences - Section 18  Link to PDF form

Penalty for Taking in Pawn Firearms or Ammunition - Section 19  Link to PDF form


Part IV – Possession and use of Firearms or Ammunition

Possession of Firearms and Ammunition – Section 20  Link to PDF form

General Restriction Upon Carrying Firearms and Ammunition in Public – Section 21  Link to PDF form

Special Restriction on Carrying Firearms and Ammunition in Public Places – Section 22  Link to PDF form

Restrictions Relating to the Discharge of Firearms and Ammunition - Section 23  Link to PDF form

Penalty for Possessing Firearm or Ammunition with Intent to injure - Section 24  Link to PDF form

Penalty for Use and Possession of Firearm or Imitation Firearm In certain circumstances - Section 25  Link to PDF form


Part V – Licences, Certificates and Permits

General Provisions as to Licences Certificates and Permits - Section 33  Link to PDF form

Duration of Licence or Permit - Section 34  Link to PDF form

Revocation of Licences Certificates and Permits - Section 36  Link to PDF form

Review of Decision of Authority - Section 37  Link to PDF form


Part VI – Power of Search and to Obtain Information

Report of Loss or Theft of Firearm or Ammunition - Section 41  Link to PDF form

Loss of Firearm Through Negligence - Section 41A  Link to PDF form


Part VII – Financial and Miscellaneous

General Penalty - Section 50  Link to PDF form

Compulsory Imprisonment for Certain Offences - Section 51 Link to PDF form

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