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  • Treat every firearm as being loaded

    Treat every firearm as being loaded. If it has not been continually in your possession, there is a chance that it may be loaded. If you have not personally checked it, assume that it is loaded.
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  • What are the documents needed for recertification? >

    Completed application form 2 passport size photos (1 certified by a Justice of the Peace -JP) 2 recommendations - may be Read More
  • What is the cost for a users licence? >

    $12,000.00 currently Read More
  • What do I need to complete a renewal? >

    Completed renewal form Firearm should be presented for inspection along with licence After inspection of firearm and renewal form is Read More
  • How do I dispose of my weapon? >

    Licence must be current, if not then all outstanding fees must be paid first Holder is required to complete disposal Read More
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